• Fall Photo Fest 2015
    The Bleecker Town Hall was decked out with board after board filled with old photo of our town which were enjoyed by several members who attended. Attendance of general public and sharing and copying of new photos was disappointing however. Board displays were prepared by Eliza Darling, past president and Eleanor Brooks, Town Historian and books and albums published by Lorraine Bleyl were available and pursued in earnest. Thanks to those who worked to present the displays and cover the day and to those who attended.
    The Bleecker Historical Society is pleased to announce that the history marker funded through the William G. Pomeroy Historic Roadside Marker Program was dedicated at our recent Ice Cream Social held on August 1st. The Pomeroy Foundation funds markers across New York State for sites of historical significance within the time frame 1740-1914. Our marker commemorates Bleecker's District No. 3 School, located on Lily Lake Road. Built in 1873, the building now houses The Old School Museum, which last year celebrated the 140th anniversary of the structure. Two earlier school houses at that location dated back to the early 1800's, the earliest being a log building.
    The Society would like to express its gratitude to all those who again helped make our 2015 Ice Cream Social a success. The bake sale as always was rich with donated treats, from pies, cookies, cupcakes and fudge thanks to our hardworking and talented Bleecker bakers. Thanks also to the many members who worked diligently to sell tickets and gather donations for the bakeless bake sale. As ever, we are grateful to Stewart's for donating the ice cream and fixings. This event is our major fundraiser each year and we appreciate the support you give us.
    The Bleecker Historical Society is pleased to announce the BHS Bulletin, a monthly email detailing our upcoming meeting dates, program topics, special events and other news. You do not need to be a member to subscribe. To sign up for the BHS Bulletin, please click the "Subscribe" tab above.
    The Bleecker Historical Society is now accepting donations for our historical collections. Please click on the "Collections" tab above to download an application, or call us at 518-863-6134 for further information.


  • The Historical Society offers many opportunities for volunteering, all much good fun. In 2015, we seek volunteers for special events including our Photo Fest, Ice Cream Social and Christmas Open House, as well as weekly staff for our newly-established collections archive at the Bleecker Town Hall. Show your Bleecker pride, help preserve our history, and have a good time into the bargain. Please click on our "Volunteer" link above for further details.


  • In addition to monetary donations, the Society is grateful for material goods which help to keep our operations running. Some of the items on our current wish list include: copy paper, card stock, first class stamps, ink jet mailing labels, and poster board.